Licensing allows you to grant rights for a company to use your IP and pay you for the use of it.

We have extensive international experience of licensing IP across the world and in many channels including wholesale, retail, tax-free, e-commerce, direct sales, door-to-door and others. Licensing can provide multiple revenue streams and allow for commercial arrangements best suited to a market, a channel or particular category.

Licensing provides for rapid crossing of international borders by partnering with best practice companies in those markets. Licensing arrangements can provide for short term exploitation of fads and opportunities as well as effective management of long term brands, copyrights and patents.

It is not uncommon for copyright properties to enter into upwards of one hundred license agreements in order to gain worldwide coverage in the consumer market – with each license generating income to the IP owner.

Similar arrangements and IP commercialisation strategies may be applied to Patent and Trademark IP.

We offer a complete licensing development and management service.

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